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Avoid the crowds, learn a new skill,
connect with Nature, 
discover Stand Up Paddling with
Borneo Paddle Monkeys, the originals.


About Borneo Paddle Monkeys

 Stand Up Paddling. Pure and Simple.

Experience paddleboarding in tropical Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo,

with Nick and his Borneo Paddle Monkeys team, the paddling specialists, the originals.

Nick and his crew have been SUP exploring Sabah's beaches, seas, islands and rivers for the past 8 years. This highly-trained team is now sharing its experience and knowledge with our guests, young and old, in a safe environment, just a few minutes from central Kota Kinabalu.    The Borneo Paddle Monkeys team cares and will make sure you manage to stand up quickly so that you can fully understand and feel what this exciting sport is all about, standing up.                                 

WhatsApp us directly at 0178172001 for booking and to check dates availabilities for your next session with us.



Stand Up Paddling is for everyone.

Borneo Paddle Monkeys caters to people of all abilities and ages, swimmers as well as non-swimmers (we have life jackets).

We have had 6-year olds paddling well with us, and several grandmas (and a 82-year old grandpa!).  Most of our guests are first-time paddlers, and after 1 session with us they usually (95% of them...) have mastered this new skill.

If you are a first-time paddler, we recommend the morning session, as the weather is then usually best. 

Or, if you don't mind waking up really early to catch that worm, go for the sunrise session.

Weather and tide permitting, we paddle to our local sandbar, visit our Cafe (check out The Paddle Cafe on Google Maps) at the nearby floating village, or push on to our secret clownfish (Nemo!) field for a touch of snorkeling in this truly magical place. So bring your own swim goggles (or diving mask) if you have any (if you don't, we'll get some for you, no stress).               

All our sessions include GoPro photos and videos of you in action.

See you soon on the water! 

And don't forget to also check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Google Maps to learn more about the Borneo Paddle Monkeys experience.

Morning Session

Sunset Session

Sunrise Session


RM 140 per pax

(for bookings from 1 to 4 pax)

RM 120 per pax

(for bookings from 5 to 12 pax)

2 to 3 hours duration.

Minimum 2 pax, maximum 12.

RM 140 per pax

(for bookings from 1 to 4 pax).

RM 120 per pax

(for bookings from 5 to 12 pax).

2 hours duration.

Minimum 2 pax, maximum 12.


RM 140 per pax
(for bookings from 1 to 4 pax).
RM 120 per pax
(for bookings from 5 to 12 pax).
2 hours duration.
Minimum 2 pax, maximum 12.

The Morning session generally enjoys the best weather (sunny) and sea conditions (flat), and is highly recommended for first-time paddlers.  Also, that time of the day usually offers the best light for some possible additional snorkeling (weather and tide permitting).  Morning sessions usually start at 8am.

If what you really really want is photos of you paddling in the sunset, then book the Evening paddle.  That session starts at 5pm, and can indeed be magical, if the sun and weather cooperate, which is never guaranteed...

The Sunrise session is for the early birds. We start at dawn, around 5:30am, and finish around 8am. The route is similar to the morning session.  The main difference is that the first light can be magical and makes for unique photos.  Also, the sunrise session is a favorite of those who wish to limit their sun exposure.

Giant SUPs !

If you are a larger group (family, school mates, work mates, team mates, etc...) looking for some team bonding, to add more people to your traditional solo paddling party, or just to try a different type of paddling, this might be for you.

Minimum capacity 4 pax per giant SUP, max capacity 8 pax.   

Giant SUPs are available for rental as well as guided tour.

Price: RM 600 per Giant SUP.

DJI_0019 GIANT SUP_Moment.jpg

“I’m convinced that wilderness holds the path to a simple, balanced life, and I’m going in search of it.”

Justin Riney, USA.

Board Rentals

If you have never paddled before, we highly recommend that you join one of our guided tours first, for obvious safety reasons.  Let us teach you the ABC of SUP first, then feel free to have your private fun on our rental boards. 
When you rent our boards, you accept all responsibilities in case of an accident.

GX011340 - frame at 0m8s.jpg
GX011339 - frame at 0m8s.jpg

Board Rental prices

in Ringgit Malaysia, for 2-hour period.

Rentals are not available for first-time paddlers.

  • ​All-round boards.  RM 80

  • Race boards:   RM 140

       For advanced paddlers only.

  • 22' 425Pro H2O​

  • 23' 425Pro Outlaw

  • 25' Borneo Paddle Monkeys

  • 26' 425Pro Big Wind

  • Kayak 2-seater  RM 110

More (info and reviews) about us on our Airbnb Experience pages:

Also, Google Maps and Facebook: Borneo Paddle Monkeys.

And Instagram: borneopaddlemonkeys. 


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Contact us

Contact us to book your session with Borneo Paddle Monkeys.

TAME Center, Kuarters TM, Part of Lot, 21, Lorong Pinang,

Tanjung Aru, 88801, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Across the rod from the Kinabalu Yacht Club.

Tel/WhatsApp +60 0178172001

WeChat and KakaoTalk ID: nickboura

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